Monday, November 14

Anyone know where I can get some of these?

Matt has had my truck's interior carpeted, headlined and finished off in LA, but I need some scuff/sill plates to screw down over the new carpet where the doors open.

Anyone have any... or know where I can get some? To fit a '58 Dodge Town Panel.

I've done an extensive online search with no luck.


shovelkev said...

Try Valley Gas if they don't know where to get them they will probably make them for you

grant said...

yeah...luck is what you will need when finding parts for this beaut! I owned a '59 Dodge D-100 truck for a few years (was a daily driver and used it to move to California the second time).
THis was pre internet, but i have never had so much trouble finding parts for a vehicle in my life! Some sucker begged me to trade him for his way clean '41 Studebaker...i wasn't stupid and did it in a second!

Me, innit! said...

Make yer own. Get some engine-turned stainless, easy job.

wizard said...

have you tried here

i have a 60 dart and they had some stuff i needed.they might be able to lead in you in the right direction