Wednesday, April 6

Wish I'd bagged these two

I like to read BSH to get an insight into the British biking scene... something I have no involvement in. And most of the time their content and GKM's is mutually exclusive... they follow their higher-end trail and I follow my lower-brow one.

But the new issue has a couple of bikes in it I wish I'd got to first... a super-sanitary and minimal Swedish Panhead, and Madness's bare bones T100SS, put together by my friend and yours, Steve Marshall.

If BSH keeps this up, I'll be back on the bins.


Blue said...

I'd give my eye teeth to be producing a magazine like GKM.

Basher said...

Nothing wrong with being on the bins......thats where i started, loved that job, got promotion....stuck in a office now, its only the pay that keeps me there.

Jess said...

Dice had that pan in the last issue, you wouldn't want to take sloppy thirds.

Guy@GK said...

Ha ha! True 'nuff.