Tuesday, April 5

Shovel heaven, '92

I keep everything. This is the ad for the first big twin I bought... in Classic Cars magazine of all places, in 1992.

I got it for four and a half and that was a hell of a lot of money for me then... and Shovels were thin on the ground. The only other bike I went to see was a rescued police bike from somewhere in the middle east which Jeff was selling at Riverside. But he soon sussed out that I didn't know what I was looking at (other than I knew it wasn't worth the five large he was asking) and gave me the fish eye.

Prices haven't changed hugely since the nineties have they? This bike had been completely rebuilt and ran like new. Best Shovel I ever owned; it was stolen from off the Edgware Road in, I think, '94.


Pete Stansfield said...

The Volvo would probably have been a better investment. I dont see you as Simon Templar though.

Guy@GK said...

Funnily enough I had an 1800S for a while... lovely car. I'll dig out the photos!