Friday, April 8

W&W and my '55

When you move to a new (or in this case, old) country it takes time to work out where to reliably buy parts for your old H-D.

When we moved back to the UK after nearly a decade away, we were no longer anywhere near my home town London, so I couldn't nip down to Riverside if I needed anything for the Pan. Mail order became essential, and I soon realised the most reliable suppliers are in Europe.

One of these is W&W in Germany; I know they're not the cheapest, but I want to know a part is going to work and that it's going to arrive fast. W&W never let me down.

This week, Nobbi (who works for W&W and who I met at the Jesolo show in 2009) asked to use this photo of my old '55 pan for their online store (wearing its W&W VL springer). One thing led to another, and now W&W is a GKM advertiser.

Biltwell, Lowbrow, Kickstart MC Supply, Bear Parts, and now W&W... they are all companies I use myself. I don't want anyone advertising in the magazine that I don't know or trust; if you're a reader, I hope that's a good thing.


jimmy monk said...

is this one still intact?
and was it in Oz or here?
fucking magnificent

Guy@GK said...

Thanks Jimmy. Yeah, the guy I sold it to in Oz in 2009 recently sold it on. It looks pretty much the same.

rusty said...

yeah, she's still intact and still looks the same. thats how i'm gonna keep it. its in albury nsw. attracts lots of attention every where we go. going on the anzac day poker run on the 25th. it will freak everyone out.

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A great motorcycle. Congrats!