Friday, December 11

Fuck you, ain't gonna do what you tell me

In case you hadn't heard (and it's now a mainstream news item here), there's people power and genius at work in England to stop the wave of X-Factor mediocrity from topping the music charts over Christmas.

Some friends started a campaign to get Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name" to the top of the charts (they have close to 600,000 supporters now on Facebook) as a protest at the way X-Factor is forcing the nation to buy its music through sheer media domination.

I'm going to be downloading the RATM track on Monday 14 December to help the cause. If you live in the UK, spend £2 to buy one of the greatest protest songs ever – and to stop the man above making another million.

More info HERE.


ZZ chop said...

Fight the power!

missinglink said...

Right on! I hate that smug little f$cker .

Sideburn Magazine said...

I'm with you, but that bugger will still get his million, just not his number 1. G