Wednesday, December 16

Chuck's bike makes me feel funny... a good way.

I love it... this Triumph is on another level for me. The stance, the details, the muscly squatness of it. Another great GK feature bike, coming your way soon.

(I figure as long as I'm still getting genuinely excited about the bikes we're bringing you, that's a healthy thing, right?)


Smartiekid said...

I like these style of bikes. Remind me of the speedway bikes my uncle used to race.

BTW just ordered 4 back issues of GK, been meaning to buy it for ages. New fan, great blog!

Anonymous said...

Coolest triumph ive seen. Love it. Fork and sissy bar really set this bike off.

Joe said...

Saw this bike in person a while back. With that gold paint, it has presence like no other. Amazing.