Friday, November 27

Issue 12 on sale now

Just click on the image over on the right to go to the GK website.

I'm loading the tees to the online store now (how the fuck did I become a coder?) so they'll be available within hours.

Subs are dropping now, and your favourite retailers are stocking up on #12 as we speak.

So what's in it then? New photos of John Edwards' Pan in its new guise, plus Nate's fabulous 'Ice Queen' FL, cool Triumphs from Oz and the US, a crackin' Pan from Tokyo, an Ironhead and Shovel from Wales, a Jag-powered dragster, Rowan's memories of the 70s chopper scene in London, Scott Pommier's Born-Free coverage, a profile of Josh Kurpius, the magnificent Irish Rich... you'll like it. I promise!

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Michael in LA said...

Good job - copped it yesterday...