Wednesday, November 18

GK issue 1 cover star is back!

Remember Buzz, who graced the first issue's cover in early '07 with his hand built (literally, down to the hand turned bolts) Triumph? Well, when he sold the bike, he got a very ropey UL basket in part exchange... and this is it, nearly two years later.

Buzz is one of those people who blows me away with their talents... when he says he's built a bike, he means it, from the paint the pipes... to de-raking the frame... to engine assembly.

He won't thank me for posting this, as he's only just finished the bike and wanted to get some decent snaps done, but I hope he inspires you as much as he does me. Good work fella!

We'll be featuring it soon.

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Wayne@Kustom Ink said...

Ya know, it's much easier to avoid the call ofbuilding a bike when the bikes I mostly look at are overseas....but it's freakin' painful when Buzz is just down the road doing this kinda thing! Nice work Buzz. It's a real inspiration.