Thursday, November 12

Brain's ticking over

I like this stage of making a bike 'yours'. Working out what'll work. And what won't.

I spent a while plonking various fenders and tanks on the Pan, just making it easier to visualise what I really want, and I think if I'm staying true to my take on 'Poet's Pan', I need to go with an axed tank, or narrowed fatbobs. As I want to retain the stock mounts (no hacking on this baby... Lordy, it's taken me so long to get to the point where I could find and afford an OEM frame) I think narrowed fatbobs are the go, as we used to say in Oz.

As I doodle and dream, I check the archives for inspiration, and Lukester did the axed tank thing better than almost any I've seen (above). Delicious work.

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matt@machine said...

hey guy....
i agree...the tanks on that bike are very neat indeed.
ive got the tanks of my pan here i was gonna ebay....just a thought...