Monday, July 6

Stateside Styles

I went to the Rufforth Autojumble (that's 'swapmeet' for our American friends) on the weekend. I took my little boy, who loved it, but we got there too late to pick up any decent bike parts (if indeed there were any).

I did, however, find this copy of Motorcycle Mechanics from October '68. I've been looking for it for a while, with the cool Gary Littlejohn cover, so was pleased to find this perfect copy for a quid.

Always amusing to see how the Brits viewed the styles being created at the time in California: so way out compared to the pudding basin lids and standard BSAs and Ariels in the rest of the mag...

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ZZ chop said...

You'll love my blog header, check it out! Greatest MC cover of all times!