Saturday, July 4

Busy week, and here's the antidote

Issue 10 hit the streets this week, so I've been maniacally busy shipping mags, fielding emails and calls, and rocking the new baby in her cot with my foot while I type!

Next week will be busy too ... got lots more orders to ship, got our new website going 'live' (thanks Ryan!), and I'll be (or my voice will be) featured on Biker Radio Magazine next Friday. I felt kind of stupid being interviewed, and didn't mention people I should have done, and won't be able to listen to the show because I know I'll sound like a dork. But Ken, the interviewer, is a cool dude and I know he'll be kind to me in the edit!

Anyway, with all this going on, I chilled out by staring yet again at Dan's spiffing Knuck, dreaming of one day owning such a cool sickle. (I thought I had a lead on a Knuck project here in the UK this week, but that's another – long – story, involving Albanian gangsters, or perhaps Indonesian scammers...)

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