Thursday, January 22

Washed out

I love my KTM Duke II. I've ridden it every week day for about three years with no problems, then last night I rode through some flood water on my way home (up to the axles) during a huge storm, and the bike spluttered, wheezed and stopped about 500m down the road.

I'd removed the side panels to replace a radiator hose the week before and hadn't put them back on, and the water must have hit the coil and wiring.

As I stood by the side of the road (it's in a national park, so no civilisation or shelter) in pissing rain, I counted about 12 bikes of various makes rush by without a sidelong glance. Then a guy on one of those Aprilia step-thru scooters stopped to see if I needed help. Cool, huh?

So much for camaraderie on two wheels.


Murdercycles said...

Same everywhere. Most folks in a hurry or too "important".
I stop because people have stopped to help me. The Karma will come back to you. It may feel awkward or inconvenient, but you will meet some cool people.
All brands, dammit.

Unknown said...

FUCKING KTM Rocks. Love it.