Thursday, January 8

'60s relic T110

Sometimes trying to land a bike feature for the mag is like trying to land a hard-fighting fish. You hook a tasty motorcycle, but landing all the photos takes patience, cajoling and time.

Last year, Dennis in Texas sent us these snaps of his girlfriend's newly-acquired Triumph, built in the late sixties and parked up in '74, to be re-discovered 34 years later. They don't come out of the freezer colder than this! Check out the Bates TT seat, Wassell tank, Webco parts, aluminium dirt-catcher rims, MCM fork covers and Smiths speedo ... We may get a full feature on it yet!

1 comment:

Professor Von Bradley said...

What a find there must be heaps of bikes like this dorment in garages and barns around the world wating to be discovered , looking forward to the feature soon...