Saturday, January 10

Sold out

The plan was to print one magazine. The kind of magazine I couldn't find anywhere, but I thought someone should be publishing. Featuring people I looked up to, bikes I wished I owned, and the kind of build and ride stories you usually hear after a couple of beers at your local.

But then people actually bought it! Which meant I could print another one ... and another ... and now issue one has sold out.

It's a big deal for me. And I'd like to thank every person who has sent me photos, written for the mag, built a cool bike or most importantly taken a minute out of their day to write and say "I dig what you're doing". The mag wouldn't still be going if it wasn't for y'all.

(And if you bought issue one, you now officially own a collector's item!)


Irish Rich said...

Well, congratulations, Guy! You should be stoked.

No doubt, one by one, the earlier issues will all sell out.

I'm proud that I've been a part of the magazine from the beginning.

Guy@GK said...

Rich, from the emails I get, you're one of the main reasons people buy the thing ...

Thanks again for your great contributions!

tiptopdadddy said...

Ditto what Rich said!!! It's been a pleasure being a part of GK and becoming friends with you Guy. Thanks for having me.

KNUCKLE BUSTER 1939 said...

I enjoyed every issue. Glad I could contribute to a couple. If Rich is the main reason people buy the mag I better start reading the articles rather than just looking at the pictures!