Saturday, April 14

"There's a sub-culture growing..."

So begins this feature in IronWorks magazine from March 2001.

It's not that long ago in the grand scheme of things, but being into 'our' kind of bikes meant seeking them out in the background of magazine photos taken at hot rod shows. A bit like how it was when choppers first emerged in the sixties.

As this article on the second Anti-Blessing in Orange points out, the 'rat rod' scene was where you'd find many of the young traditional chopper and bobber riders back then; and I think it's still true that a lot of us feel more in common with hot-rodders than other 'bikers'.

I remember poring over these photos of Chopper Dave's Panhead, drinking in the cool details... after all, finding bikes like his in print back then was pretty hard. The rest of this issue is back-to-back Bourget/Billet/Martin Bros/Billy Lane/fat tyres and rancid paint schemes.

Perhaps in another ten years we'll be back to searching for tit-bit references to 'old school' bikes in the custom bike magazines again.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Great post Guy, I remember when Hot Rod put out the first 'taster' sub-mag with the feature on Mike Ness and The Choppers caper, I used to see more chops and customs in the style we love by checking out Just Bikes. It's also a tad like looking for cool skateboard shit in surfing mags prior to the re-release of Skateboarder, Just got the new GKM in the post, ace mate, way cool, cheers, Whitelines.

Mark said...

Wow, I remember going to that show like it was yesterday! In fact, my primer grey Buick is in the upper right corner. The money I got from selling that car bought me my first Triumph chopper project. Funny how things come full circle. I remember some of the coolest bikes of that time period were found at "kustom" car shows. I definitely agree that most of the guys building great bikes today have a connection with hot rods and custom cars.

tiptopdadddy said...

I remember running across Chopper Dave's bike at Viva Las Vegas about this time and having a small heart attack, nervously looking around for the man in vain. It seems like we have come so far, but it was just yesterday. Jeez, I sound like a Carpenter's record...