Wednesday, April 4

Oakland HA show winners

I posted the first spread of this feature on Oakland Hells Angels Tommy Thomas and Vern Heinrich's bikes a few weeks back. It was sent to me by Terry (whose flathead was in issue 25), scanned from his own copy of Choppers magazine from May, '68.

These bikes both won trophies at the San Mateo Car Show (remember, no custom bike shows back then) and if some of the details look familiar, you can be sure some of the current scene's bike-building names have been poring over these same pages...

Thanks again, Terry. Stellar stuff.


Michael and Lisa said...

Tommy Thomas lived across the street from us back in the 60's. Every Friday night he'd have a huge party and all the hells angels would park their bikes up and down both sides of the street and there would be drinking and fights. Tommy was very nice to my sisters and myself.

Anonymous said...

RIP Uncle Tommy passed 5/24/2016