Wednesday, December 21


I just noticed on the excellent Southsiders blog that the upcoming issue of Men's File has a feature on Toshi.

I realised when I was at the Brooklyn Invitational that I was actually hanging out with the two coolest men on the planet: Toshi and Matt Davis. At Linkert Attacks in June, Toshi spent the whole weekend applying his vast knowledge of old H-Ds to problems experienced by riders at the event. He calmly wandered amongst the bikes with his tools, enabling people to get home.

Top, top bloke.

I have the utmost respect for him. If you want an insight into his many talents and interests, check out his blog.



Tibbs said...

I totaly agree with ya Guy, he rebuilt my Ironhead 11 years ago and she is still running sweat.

Bell 45 said...

Thank you Guy, it was great time to hang out with you at Linkert Attacks and Brooklyn, next year we get on the road and have a great ride!
Thank you Tibbs glad to hear from you.
Have a nice Xmas!