Friday, December 30

Meanwhile, across the Channel

Coincidences are weird, aren't they? Sometimes my life seems to be a series of them.

I had a dream last night about Johnny Routledge. It's a year next week since he died so the new year will be tough for his friends and family as memories of him re-focus.

This morning, my first back home after being away, I discovered an email from Loran in France, who built the Knuck you see here (and may have seen when we featured it in issue 17). This was the last bike Johnny shot for the magazine; he and I met Loran at the bar (Linkert Attacks France, 2010) and photographed his Knuck as the sun went down. Then we reconvened to talk art and motorcycles. The next day, Loran was awarded 'Best Knucklehead'.

Loran is a top bloke. He has a new blog called Mungochino. Check it out.

The photo above was one of Johnny's favourite images captured that warm evening.

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