Tuesday, June 28


The moment I put this stuff in my mouth, I wished I hadn't. Add countless glasses of mental cider that tasted and went down like kids' pop and I'd created the recipe for a memory-wiping 10 hours of imbibing with some of the best friends I have.

I only took one photo after dark during the weekend: this one. I knew I had to capture the moment when the toughest (and nicest) man on site slugged Stuka's chili-widow-juice.

That isn't a photographic effect, Stevie's face really did glow orange. And his eyes stayed closed for what seemed like minutes.

I don't ever want to see – or drink from – that bottle again.


Stevie.. said...

me neither...hahhahahahaaaa

Stuka said...

Leipzig loopy juice as it's also known...been the downfall of many a good man...hahahaha