Sunday, January 2

Issue two – gone but not forgotten

Have had a run on these in the past few days, and I went to the cupboard this morning and found it was bare.

So here are some edited highlights in case you missed out on this one... the first three issues of GKM are now sold out.


Milo said...

there's a rumour that GKM is going to stop. is this true? are you MAD??

Guy@GK said...

The rumour comes from something I said on Twitter about maybe calling it a day after 20 issues.

It seemed a good round number to end on and I want to get back into painting.

But the trip to Japan rejuvenated me and I couldn't end the mag without featuring the many bitchin' bikes I shot over there... so GKM will continue!

But thanks for the support Milo. Appreciation really does keep me going... cos it certainly ain't the fucking money!