Friday, January 21

Archive: Joel Pippett's Triton

Sometimes great bikes slip through the net. Joel from Marvelus Customs (see his Shovel in issue 17) wrote to me four years (and 17 issues!) ago about his Triton. For whatever reason, we never got it together between us to get the feature done.

Thanks for your ongoing support Joel!
Hi Guy, I just got issue 2 and it is great. Check out the Triton I
built. I have more pics if you like it. I have a '74 Trident & A65 BSA
chopper in the works as well. Keep up the good work. I will be getting a
subscription to your mag now that I know it is not going to go away; it
just keeps getting better and better. Thanks, Joel Pippett

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Pete Stansfield said...

And its not even tuesday !