Tuesday, December 21

The man himself

Hideya Togashi – Hide Motorcycles' proprietor – stands with his '67 genny Shovel, winner of the GKM award at Yokohama.

This bike has so many hand-fabbed parts and subtle mods. Its simple, solid looks belie the work that goes into making a bike look this 'right'.

Naoki, the bike's owner, had requested the Hoosier on the back, and it looks superb. "But is it safe on the street?" I asked Hide. "No", he laughed.

Thank you to Hide and his lovely wife Wakako for their hospitality. Look for lots more from Hidemo in GKM soon.


Liam said...

that's perfect..

I love how they even have indicators on there and they don't look like an afterthought.

Stevie.. said...

Excellent choice Guy, your right you really have to look at Hide's work he's got a great eye for it..

Quaffmeister said...

Good call Guy, the complete package all wrapped up so tight.

jason said...

that bike is so bitchin