Wednesday, December 29

Bill Mize, literally chillin' on his '48

Timothy O'Keefe shot these cool (freezing?) images of Bill Mize recently. I talked to Bill last night and he told me this '48 was built specifically for this kind of hard labour... getting out in the snow and the salt, negotiating the gravel roads that haven't yet iced over near his Sioux City home.

Bill's one of my heroes, but of course I can't say that to his face: ex-road racer, skater, semi-pro cyclist... he's one of those people I admire who take life by the scruff of the neck and shake it until they've explored every worthwhile opportunity, thrill and skill. And he loves The (early) Saints as much as I do.

He and Steve Uhl have had more influence on you and the bikes you admire, ride and build than you probably realise. I've been a big fan of Bill's bikes for years and years, and am proud to call him a friend. His '57 Pan is in the next issue.

Bill Mize from Timothy W O'Keefe on Vimeo.


Steve@strathbran said...

Good to see proper bikes getting proper use, all year round 8)

Kevin "TEACH" Baas said...

Yes Bill Is a great man, I had the honor of riding with him to the Knucklehead reunion very genuine man!