Wednesday, September 23

When punk rock and vintage sickles meet

My brother Adam is a bike journo (writing for 'The Classic Motorcycle' amongst other mags) and also contributes to GK... in fact, some of the nicest photography in the mag so far has been his work.

Recently he got a commission to do a feature on 'Brooklands Relived', a great event that saw mostly vintage British iron tackling the historic test hill (with sometime expensive and embarrassing results – one of the riders crashed on a Brooklands museum bike).

He spotted a familiar figure at the event who turned out to be Dave Vanian; he told my bro he's a fan of the mag! He's agreed for us to feature him and his old Harleys (I remember him riding to many of the pubs I used to hang out at on my '62 XLCH 20 years ago), so stay tuned, should be a cracker.

Adam's already done a piece on Jean-Jacques Burnel for 'Classic Bike', so maybe this could be a start of a series on original punk rock heroes and their motorcycles...

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