Friday, September 4

At last!

After a long worldwide search, I finally bought a new Pan project... virtually on my doorstep in the UK.

It's a '52, with correct year frame (unmolested) and matching numbers engine. First year for the foot shift (with a mousetrap). Still 6v, with a Linkert M74. Starts first kick. A few things aren't right on the bike (please feel free to tell me what!), but this ain't gonna be a restoration!

I paid a lot more than I wanted to; the seller got a lot less than he wanted. Seems to sum up the vintage Harley-buying experience in England.

It's green. Unlucky? Not from where I'm standing.

Stay tuned for progress once I get it home in the next week or two. (I've finally bought the Bruce Palmer restoration book – never bothered with the '55 I had because it was such a bitsa – so I'll be schooling myself in the next few weeks.)


chopperdentist said...

nothing to say.. It's just perfect!!!!
probably too much restored only..

very good bike, congratulation.

Mike D. said...

The war's over.... Green is cool!!

Mike D. said...

gUY I got the mags and stickers .Thanks a bunch...if you need things for the bike.. call me.

matt@machine said...

hey guy..nice..
if you wanna get rid of that mousetrap im just about to make a mousetrap eliminator for the pan im doin the one on my 48....if you want me to make two just say mate.....

Cranky NSW TaxPayer said...

congrats on the new pan. Im still looking after your old girl in oz (changing oil , taking for a ride most weekends around the lake where i live)

what are your plans for it?

cheers julian

tiptopdadddy said...


rizky mandra said...

Guy, Congrats for the new Pan... perhaps the makeover could apear on the mags..?? cheers..

Gaza said...

Congrats Guy ... Looks great!