Monday, April 6

Riding a Guzzi Cali... anonymously

As you may have gathered, nothing remotely interesting has happened since we came back to the UK. We still have nowhere to live, no cash, and I have an increasingly demanding 14 month-old and a 7-month pregnant wife not far behind. In fact, it's a nightmare.

On the plus side, some very cool material is lined up for issue 10, and I got a bit of a ride in today on one of my brother's many Italian bikes. He's a proper bike journo, and wanted to test his new Canon 40D, so we went to a country lane nearby and I rode his early 70s Guzzi California round the same bend a few times so he could get his eye in. None of my riding gear is here yet, so I had to wear his full face Arai and Barbour (ho ho!).

I tried to add a bit of interest by messing up his shots doing stupid stuff. As you can see, it didn't add that much interest at all, but it was slightly better than looking at my dwindling bank balance and the grey skies.


Knuckle Buster said...

You need an intervention!

=mike= said...

wait . . . another one on the way ?