Monday, April 27

Arsenal revival

Haven't had much to do with motorcycles recently, what with trying to sort the family's life out after leaving Australia. I've already got lots of cool stuff lined up for issue 10, and I'm hoping the GK online store will be back up and running again soon (I have the back issues here, just sorting out a distributor), but with no bike at the moment other things are filling my (limited) leisure time.

Anyway, one thing I have found time to do is go to the football, or more specifically, the Arsenal. I was born only a couple of miles from Highbury, the team's original ground, and so they were naturally my team, though I was never a rabid supporter. I remember as a kid them winning the double in '71 though (yes, I'm that old) and since coming back to the UK have seen them a few times (my brother in law is a season ticket holder). It's an interest that's been revived in me, and I love the tradition, ritual and excitement of going to the games.

At the FA Cup semi-final recently, I was lucky enough to get a ticket at the new Wembley Stadium, and though Aresnal lost to London rivals Chelsea, it was a great day. Booze before and after the game, the songs and chants ("Shit club, no his-tory, shit club, no his-tory" sung to the tune of Pet Shop boys' 'Go West' at the Chelsea fans), the constant undercurrent of violence... there's nothing like it. If you're not from the UK, this will mean absolutely nothing to you!

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