Friday, February 27

They're at it again

It's a hard lesson, but you can't buy 'cool' or a 'lifestyle'.

I loved everything about Sydney shop Deus Ex Machina when they opened; it was like an art gallery that featured bikes. But then their teeshirts started appearing on the backs of the kind of 'media' people who probably have their own Gaggia coffee makers, and bikes like this started appearing in their ads.

Who's buying these machines? The only local guys I know building 'bobbers' (yeah, Deus think it's a bobber!) are doing it for a fifth of the cost. My ripoff antennae are twitching again.


Professor Von Bradley said...

l agree l have also been looking at these guys since they opened and was exited by the prospects of there shop but like the Sydney property market they only seem to look after the big end of town, unless these bike they seel have gold plated frames and dimond incrusted headlights they arnt worth haf as much as they are seeling for, l bet those same wankers who can afford a new Harly a new SUV and live in a overpriced Appartmet in Sydney are the people that Deus are tageting, not the biker who can do this himself.....

ShitFuck said...
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