Sunday, February 15

Almost famous

Long ago in a land far away, I created a rockabilly band called 'Born Bad' that cut a few records, played some gigs in London (there were usually more of us in the band than in the audience) and had a good time. Then I left ('it's going nowhere, man') to join another band, and 'Born Bad' changed names before becoming Morrissey's backing band. My friend Alain who I formed the band with ended up Morrisey's co-writer for over a decade, and bought a house in Camden Town (cash) after their first US tour.

But the important thing to remember is that I'm not BITTER.


=mike= said...

oh man . . . that's a bitter pill .

viva hate !

Irish Rich said...

Guy, don't feel bad.

I have a friend, who has a lifetime friend from the time they were little guys, all the way thru high school.

He was in a group with this friend, and he quit that group because he thought they weren't going anywhere, either.

The name of his friend?
Philip Bailey
The name of the group?
Earth, Wind, and Fire

mind pill said...

i like stories like that.... my wife`s uncle jerry was good friends with a group of guys in hawthorne, ca. some brothers and a cousin asked him to be in their band and play guitar.... a little surf band called the beach boys...he was trying to get a `real` job and start a `real` life.....he ended up moving to west virginia and starting a bluegrass band....just wasn`t quite the same...