Saturday, November 29

Ee, is that one of those Hardly-Rideables, Edna?

This was taken outside Snob's shop (right near the Ace Cafe) as a kind of 'before' shot (around '99?); the rigid was a very cheap Santee he had lying under layers of dust in the back of the shop and it did the job – for the right money. Snob was secretary of the London HA and had some great stories. He told me they only took so many drugs in the '70s to help them withstand the pain of long journeys on rigids!

By the way, do old ladies look like that around the world, or is it just in England?

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tiptopdadddy said...

Sure, swollen ankles and tightly curled cotton candy hair are the trademarks of elderly northern european women the world over. That is genetic. But what amazes is me how they can find those exact same shoes. It might be a world wide conspiracy.