Tuesday, November 4

Geelong, so long

Kuda and the Merc.

Two dogs and a Falcon.

Shifter on Kuda's truck: Excalibur!

Only real metal workers use anvils and stumps.

Springer rockers get the drift.

He makes hot rods, he makes birds.

Buzz's UL, Kuda's Trump. Getting there.

Geelong Holden wagon and derro.

Buzz in the Vicky.

4 days of watching asphalt disappear under the wheels, creative types making stuff, and show-goers lap up mediocrity. Kms travelled: 2050. CDs listened to: The Stranglers, Lattie Moore, Bored!, Led Zep, Howlin' Wolf, The Zutons, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a Mojo magazine blues comp, QOTSA, Wynonie Harris, 20 Reggae Classics. Beers drunk: 6. Nice people encountered: a lot.

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