Wednesday, October 22

Transcendental transportation

I have always been attracted to Harleys. I remember going on a carousel ride on a British seaside pier when I was tiny, sitting on a little model Electra Glide, and deciding I wanted a real one.

But what about the transition from liking stock bikes to a love of choppers and bobbers? I always liked the stripped down look of the bikes in 'The Wild One', but this blue Pan is one of the first I remember reading about in bike mags that made a real impression on me. It was in UK rag 'Heavy Duty', from summer '92, before I'd really discovered 'Iron Horse'.

I didn't understand what a 'bobber' was, exactly, but I loved the beefy, stripped down look of this bike, and the oh-so-fifties chrome and blue paint. My tastes continued changing (slowly reaching a higher level of H-D consciousness!), but this kind of style defined the bike I'd get next. (This Pan was from Sweden, by the way ... no one in the UK was building bikes like this then).

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