Thursday, October 23

Blackey's flattie

Blackey sent me pictures of his 'U' model flathead; he's another local here in NSW. It's an original custom done in the Australian style (!) with added rake and a trailer fender. Blackey's gonna restore the frame to stock and add an original front end (it has an extended Pan wide glide on it now). He says:

"Ok, got a phone call from a mate in Brisbane one night about 1 1/2 years ago, he took a pic with his phone and sent it to me; I called back, he started it up for me, ran like a mouse with slippers, told me how much his old mate needed for it, I said yes, EFT the bucks, ordered a truck, got it here 2 nights later at 9pm, started it 3rd kick next morning, plated it, am riding it - it's a 1946 "U" (low comp, 5:1), Pan front end, couple degrees rake, 16" rear, 21" front, what a keeper!"

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