Tuesday, August 26

Issue 7. OUT NOW.

I was at the newsstand today and picked up The Horse and Iron Horse. Both actually looked pretty interesting (don't like Iron Horse's new 80s-computer-font design though).

But I only had $10, and needed a sandwich, so I put them reluctantly back on the shelf and read the new issue of my own mag instead. And I noticed two things: I'm still stoked with it, and I only pick up typos when the damn thing's in print.


Ashley said...

Thank you on the 80's font, doesn't fit at all.

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Thank god it's not just me who doesn't notice the typos. I'm blind to them. I even get the missus to read Sideburn before print, but we still miss some. It doesn't matter in the grand scheme though, does it?