Monday, August 11

Bill Grundy show

I was back from school in time for the Bill Grundy show on ITV. Back in the '70s, no one swore on TV. No one. No "bloody"s or "shit"s. I remember clearly the moment when Grundy goaded the Sex Pistols into swearing on live early evening telly. "Dirty fucker" said Steve Jones to Grundy, who was trying to chat up Siouxsie Sue. "You dirty fucking rotter".

"Rotter"!! How English. I laughed then, and I laugh when I see it on YouTube now. I wish I'd seen 'em live. They changed my life and in turn made my parents' life hell. I had this very picture on my bedroom wall. Loved the way Rotten took the piss out of the Teds by dressing like them.

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