Tuesday, February 5

Last post

This blog actually started in 2007, was abandoned, then restarted properly in March 2008, almost exactly five years ago. In that time, it has attracted 1,102,561 page views. Yeah, I know.

It's not the best or coolest out there, but it has been consistent: I've tried to post something on most days. And this funny little page has become home: a bit shabby, with a few jobs I've been meaning to do for years but never got round to.

But now it's almost time to say goodbye.

And what better music to pack up my stuff to than the sound of a freshly-built Shovelhead, pipes barking against the dead quiet of freshly fallen snow: Terry Godschalk's VL/Shovel, beautifully (and bravely) photographed by Brad at ZON, and soon to be featured in the all-new GKM.

Final news tomorrow.


The Castle Run said...

Ist not the first of April so STOP joking around Guy !!!

Milo said...

ah sad news. you fleeing to instagram?

Me, innit! said...

Don't go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WhitelinePsycho said...

WTF ???? That is a total bummer mate, hope to the Gods of all things old and greasy it's not an omen of ill portent re the rag . . . whatever you do Guy, kick bottom, thanks for the mammaries.

Butcher said...

Hey Guy,

what does THAT mean, man ???
We LOVE your blog.
We´re junkies !
Just STOP makin´nonsense !
You´re drunk or what ???

Winter - depression or what ???

Please STOP stopping the blog !

You shouldn´t do that !

We won´t live without it !

Be sure !

So PLEASE don´t stop it !
Thanx for that.

Cheers from Germany

Butcher / 1000 HILLS RUN

The sun will shine tomorrow again...or maybe the day after tomorrow ?...don´t know...
All snow here and fuckin´cold...so what...we all NEED your blog, man !

Irish Rich said...

Can't blame you, Guy. Like you said, you almost feel "obligated" to post something every couple days.It gets to be another job almost. Besides, we all do these blogs for everybody for free, so you're under no obligation to anyone to continue on if you feel it's run its course.

Thanks for what you've put up for everybody, I always visited here every couple days. Don't delete it though, just leave it up.

-BaRoN- said...

wtf ?

goosegreen_63 said...

You do what you have to do thank you for the time you spent doing it ,all the best.

Guy@GK said...

Don't want to be too dramatic... the blog is ending here. But will continue in another form... stay tuned.

Northern Spirit said...

Get back here.. !

jimmy monk said...

The spelling,grammar and punctuation is always first class.

YorkshireBiker said...

First Eat the Rich, now GKM? Please - DON'T GO!

Pete Stansfield said...

What a gay idea, you'll not let it lie..

Anonymous said...

Just not facebook, please!

David Vandiver said...

Just checkout out the "NEW GUY BOLTON" even better then before. Thank You for keeping the blog. Rock on!