Sunday, December 2

Geezers in a boozer

Pat and I made a tour of Brighton's finest imbibing establishments on Saturday night. It is a great town for, er, going out on the town.

Local ales and a Rock-Ola with Jack Earls and Lighnin' Hopkins on it? Heaven.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Glad somebody's drinkin piss, diggin some cool tunes and funning it up all over the Blighty seaside . . . just get my newly re-subscribed mag in the post will ya ?? Cheers mate, enjoy the delights of it all.

Mark Simcox said...

Shame you didn't make it down to the Concorde2 as CONVERGE were playing, pummelling stuff.


Jahluv said...

I love Brighton - much to my (London born) wife's confusion. There's a soul food spot in that great seaside town - I could live there!