Wednesday, August 19

Amsterdam 1990

This will not be of much interest to anyone unless you're into the 'greasy' side of GK. These photos were taken by a girl called Sally when we played some gigs in the Netherlands with rockabilly legend Ronnie Dawson (second left, second photo).

I'm under the 'pool tables' sign. Good times.


tiptopdadddy said...

"They keep serving you beer in a little tiny glass".

Guy@GK said...

Nah mate, check the table! Proper pint pots!

Super71 said...

Ronnie is our hometown hero and was a super nice guy.Legend.

Guy@GK said...

Yeah, I had the privilege to back Ronnie on guitar on a few occasions, and he was a genuinely nice bloke – and still looked about 25!

Richie said...

Guy, did you play the states with him?
(Please feel free to e-mail me)
God, I miss Ronnie Dawson.