Monday, June 15


Seems like an age ago I had to put the GK online store on ice, but now it's up and running again, so all you people who've emailed me unable to buy subs and the last issue can now do so! Just click on the GK link in the list of URLs, right...

Also, my homemade website is soon to be defunct ... I have a NEW website and store going up soon. It's top secret, but it's going to look the dog's gonads (because I've had fuck all to do with it!). I simply cannot wait...

What's more, we have stickers, caps and tees in the pipeline (about time, I hear you mutter); it won't be long!

Stay tuned ... and in the meantime, get spending!

Again, many APOLOGIES to all our loyal readers for the messing about over the past few months with our move back to Blighty.

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=mike= said...

well it's about time