Thursday, May 28


You know, when Dean and Matt first started their mag, I was cynical. I thought they were cashing in on a culture (kulture?) I was passionate about. I'd been into modified old Harleys for years, and felt prickly about people I felt who were outside that scene doing a mag about it.

How wrong I was. These talented blokes have not only gone from strength to strength with the quality of their magazine, but they've created a unique voice and a brand for DicE that many highly paid marketing departments would kill their grandmothers for. If they hadn't paid their bike-riding dues at the beginning, they sure as hell have now. They're a fully integrated part of the custom biking culture – inside, looking out. Not only that, but Matt D has proved to be generous with his advice to a fellow-mag maker.

I just hope they don't start writing grown up features or I really will have to give up this publishing lark...

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