Sunday, March 1

Not a moment too soon

We fly back to the UK on Friday, and this Blog may be dormant for a short while.

In the meantime, we awoke this morning to the sound of choppers (the flying variety) and news that a local kid had been attacked by a shark at my local break, five minutes from our house.

None of the locals can remember the last shark attack anywhere near here. And I just sold my surfboard on Ebay.

Who said fate doesn't control us?


Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

I love the fact you're afraid of being attacked by a shark (that happens, what three times a year in the whole world?), but you'll lane split at 70 in London when you get back here. We're not a very rational breed, are we? GI

Guy@GK said...

It's true.

But there have been three shark attacks on Sydney's northern beaches (where we live) in the past three weeks.

So it's suddenly become quite a rational fear if you like the water...