Monday, December 29

Memories ... and plans.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas! I hate Christmas, as I hate most things, but in the best British tradition made the best of it sitting in a friend's swimming pool in 30 degree heat, supping a few beers. He drank his way around Europe (with one of those gift cases of Euro beers; he didn't know we call Stella 'Wife Beater' in England; in Oz a 'Wife Beater' is a singlet, or vest). I, meanwhile, drank my way around Oz (with my gift case of Aussie beers, all of which tasted the same).

The Panhead has now gone to new owner Julian, and all I have left is a 50-weight map of where the bike has wet-sumped during its four years in my garage.

So what's next? Well, everything from my welder to my workbench to my bunch of old helmets is going on Ebay before the move to the UK, but I'm keeping a few bits whose cells will hopefully meld, divide and create my new project. I'm diggin' SU carbs again, so I'm keeping this nice example for the next bike, and I've been waiting for the right moment to use my clean-as-a-whistle NOS Wassell chrome fender. I'll decide which tank to use once I have a frame and engine.

So it's back to dreaming and sucking up inspiration.

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scrapmetalart said...

Best of luck with the move!