Friday, June 13

Santa Cruzin'

Iron Horse magazine #151, June 1997, one of the last few that David Snow edited, had this piece in it by Jason Jessee. I can't overstate how much this magazine influenced me; it changed my whole outlook on what 'bikers' were. I had the long hair and goatee, cutoff, engineer boots, and here were these guys in Aloha shirts, rocking full sleeves and Vans, riding the coolest choppers I'd seen. A replica of this shovel's stripey seat now sits on my Pan, and I could never remember where the influence came from (I thought it was Chopper Dave, but this mag's from way before I saw CD's website). I still read these old mags religiously.

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Chico said...

haven't seen them dudes in decades!

that would be "Flip" and "hudgey"

i got ink on my scrawny body from both them dudes.
i was real young then,and they were a huge influence on what i have become.

thanks for posting those 2 pics.
man...that was when Johnny Chop has his hole-in-the wall shop in Santa Cruz too.

seems like light-years ago.